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2019 Second Edition:

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In this second year of documenting the CelebriDuck line, working in conjunction with CelebriDucks’ founder, Craig Wolfe, I offer an updated edition, containing a current listing of the ducks and numbers produced in 2018. We have expanded a few chapters and added details on a few of the new character lines produced this year. Since last year’s edition, CelebriDucks has added new ducks, lines, and custom works that are gaining popularity worldwide.

As you’ll see, CelebriDucks started with an idea that could not be easily explained in words. Why, after all, would you want to make a rubber duck that looked like a person, anyway? But Craig had a deep love for iconic characters from movies and television, and he wanted to memorialize those characters in a brand new way.

Still, he found that rather hard to explain to, well, anyone. It was an idea that needed to be seen, and to be seen, had to be created. But, creating it—translating a human into a rubber duck—ran into unforeseen challenges. Not the least of which was creating new design and rubber duck manufacturing technology along the way because the existing technology was unable to create ducks with the detail that Craig wanted. Making CelebriDucks required a merging of both creativity, design, and technology to perfect the look of the duck while making it the highest quality rubber duck ever.

2018 First Edition:

Rubber Duck Celebriducks characters Michael Jackson

To get the book, there are two options.

Looking to know how much your CelebriDuck is worth, when and how many were made? By  popular demand from rubber duck collectors, we have authored a price and identification guide.

Get your 2018 Official Authorized-1st. edition of the most comprehensive collection of the CelebriDucks Characters Line. Includes history of the company, the rarer CelebriDucks to the new Costume Quacker line.

“The duck consumed me like Richard Dreyfuss was consumed by mashed potato mountains.” Craig Wolfe, founder and creator of CELEBRIDUCKS.

Today, CelebriDucks are collected worldwide. The older retired and limited editions are highly sought after by collectors for their intricacy, quality, craftsmanship, and variety.

In this authorized first edition, we present the history and comprehensive price guide to the CelebriDucks that have hatched over the years. Many ducks and characters are retired, but there are countless editions still available for those looking to add to their rubber duck, famous personalities, and toy collections.

We hope you enjoy learning about the history of the company and what makes a CelebriDuck so special. The story you are about to read was taken from interview transcripts conducted with, and authorized by, the creator of these amazing characters, Mr. Craig Wolfe.

If you need any assistance to get your copy, please contact us.

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