When do I need a new webmaster

There are a number of reasons you may need a new webmaster or hosting service,  but this post is for those who have experienced web site downtime due to cyber attacks affecting hosting companies.

A tip for owners that don’t know if the site is going down due to neglect or just the standard problems that all hosting companies and  webmasters have no control over.

In regards to your hosting platform, most sites will experience some issues or downtime for server maintenance.  A good hosting service will keep this to a minimum and provide excellent customer service as well as maintain a crack tech team to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Your webmaster or web developer is not a factor in technical hosting problems, if your webmaster helps you pinpoint the problem quickly and assists in getting it resolved, then the webmaster is not the problem either in the case of technical issues.

Here is a YouTube version of the Norse Map

Today we want to focus on one technical issue in particular, that can bring  hosting companies and their customers to their knees, Cyber Attacks

I work with hosting services worldwide and when a clients site goes down, we are called upon to determine the cause quickly. Many issues can be cleared up in a timely manner, but in the instance of Cyber Attacks, your hosting company servers are at the mercy of outside forces. It can hit a hosting company internally but many times the attacker hits “hubs” a third party outside area that the hosting company needs to connect their servers to.

A Cyber attack can take down a hosting company and web sites for hours, to days depending on what was affected.

To help our clients understand and ease their stress, i like to refer them to the Norse Map web site Iand click on “LIVE ATTACKS”. The map is a dramatic teaching aid, with a game like display in practically REAL TIME. Missiles in the hundreds of thousands streaking across the planet.

We want to address this particular hosting experience because from time to time, a clients web site will be affected and they question if they need to move their site.  Moving a site is project in it self and if your hosting is not up to par or your webmaster not getting things done, time to look around.  Your webmaster is your liaison, there to help you identify the issues and is available till your when your site is up and healthy again.

Hope this helps you understand a little bit more about the WWW. 




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