New Content Management System APPS now available with hosting accounts

We are pleased to announce that we are now providing you with an easier way to download and install many of today’s popular PHP and .NET based web applications.

Web App Gallery. We’ve tightly integrated Microsoft’s Web App Gallery within the WebControlCenter to bring you easy, 1-click installs of today’s most popular and FREE web applications.

The Microsoft Web App Gallery has now been fully integrated within your WebControlCenter and is now availabe to all our clienets on ASP.NET plans that are hosted on Windows Server 2008.

Below is just some of the APPS now available with your ASP.Net hosting plans.

WORDPRESS- WordPress is the the world’s most popular blogging application, WordPress is an ideal platform for both beginning bloggers and power users. 

SUBTEXT- Subtext is a blog engine and personal publishing platform that focuses on usability, elegance, and simplicity. 

BlogEngine.NET – BlogEngine.NET is an easy customizable and feature-rich, BlogEngine.NET is an open source project focused on simplicity and ease of extendability.

Other Blogging APPS availabe in your WebControlCenter hosting account

ACQUIA DRUPAL-Acquia Drupal featuring the Drupal core Acquia packages tools to assist you in building a rich editorial user/user generated website

ATOMSITE.NET – Atom is a professional web plubishing platform that makes it easy to mangage collections of data

MAYANDO PHOTO BLOGGING – Mayando is a full featured blogging application that you can use to showcase your photos online.

CMS – Powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) that provide you with dynamic solutions for community- based, content-driven websites

DOTNETNUKE COMMUNITY – DotNetNuke Community is one of the most widely adoped platforms for building content driven websites on the Windows Stack.

MOJOPORTAL – MojoPortal is an extensible web application framework that includes a blog engine, forums, calendar, polls, surveys, and much more.


KENTICO – Kentico is a full-featured content management system for easy development of websites.

SITEFINITY -Sitefinity is a flexable ASP.NET CMS that helps you deliver compelling websites quickly and easily

SUGARCRM – Sugarcrm gives users complete view of their customers through sales and customer support services

UMBRACO- Umbraco is a developer friendly CMS that makes it quick and easy to create web sites.

MOODLE- Moodle provides educators with a comprensive toolbox to create dynamic online courses.

GALLERIES – Easy, full-featured options to host photos on your own website.

GALLERYSERVERPRO – Gallery Server Pro is a full-featured media management platform, Gallery Server Pro let you easily share and manage photos, video, audio, and other files over the web.

GALLERY – Gallery is a slick, intutive web based photos gallery, Gallery is alos easy to install, configure and use. Includes automatic thunbnails, resizing, rotation and much more.

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