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Do we consult with companies that have their own IT Departments?Webmasters San Diego web site hosting

Yes, for example one of our clients is a large medical facility in San Diego. We host their servers and set up of offsite web sites. One web site we built and host has the ability for their patients to view videos and doctor bios online.

Another client we have been working with for about 6 years is a San Diego Psychiatric Center. We built them a site outside of their IT department network where they can work on their own web site. For whatever reason, they find it necessary to have a web site outside of their in-house network. We provide immediate response to their issues with a turn around of about one hour or less.

How long have we been doing this?

Well, we like to say, we were the internet before the internet was cool. On a serious note… Our staff experience combined equates to 50 years designing and developing web sites. Our staff has a multitude of skills including television, sales and marketing backgrounds which has proved to be invaluable in working with clients online virtual businesses.

How are we special?

Customer service excellence has always been and will always be our number one goal. Our philosophy is that customer service and response is the most important aspect of our business. Our second focus is trying to understand the client’s goals and business so we can create the best web site design, growth projection and marketing avenues available to them based upon their demographics and goals. Lastly, we are sensitive to budgets, clients come to us because we help them get the most out of their marketing dollars. Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.

How long will rates stay as low as they are today?

Rates for web design have increased in the last few years: Example: most web design and programming costs have climbed to over 100.00 an hour. However our rates are currently the same as they were 5 years ago. With that said, it is also becoming easier for those with no knowledge of html to create or maintain their own web sites. However, many of these companies offering this service do not take into account the ability to market, grow or customize a web site among other issues.

Are you connected with a national organization?

We provide 5 star hosing services and are affiliated with one of the largest web hosting companies in the world. When WebDev was conceived, we researched the best development liaisons to partner with so that what we offer has all the elements needed to provide customers with the best hosting and technical 24/7 support available. As web developers we know what is essential in making sure web sites have all the support, bells and whistles for growth as well as the ability to integrate the leading technology needed to do business online.

If you are seeking a webmaster, inexpensive and high quality web hosting, consultation or graphic design, give us a call for a free consult on how we can help you with your virtual business.

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Help With WordPress Websites

What are Plugins and Should I use Them?

Not all plugins are created equal.

san diego web designers wordpress web sitePlugins are useful small to large programs designed to increase functionality of your WordPress web site. The basic use of wordpress is an easy way to get your web site up and running quickly. Plugins are useful in employing functions to your site at a lower cost due to the fact that you will not have to pay a developer to customize features to have on your web site.

Plug-ins are SUPPOSED to integrate seamlessly with WordPress so you do not have to work with php code.

There are plugins for forms, photo galleries, seo components, ecommerce and just about everything you can imagine and are created by developers from all around the world. Most basic plugins are offered for free with an pro upgrade or at a cost that is considerably less expensive than employing a developer to create from scratch.

But not all plugins are created equal. What I mean by this is that if you are considering a plugin, you should employ due diligence when selecting the proper plugin.

  • A great plugin is one that has developer support.
  • A useful plugin needs to be updated frequently by the developer who created it in order to keep up with ever changing wordpress upgrades.
  • A good plugin needs to be compatible with other plugins you may have installed on your wordpress platform.

When purchasing a plugin, it is essential to do your research to be sure that it will work as the description indicates. You need to consider that you will have ample support available from the creator should you have issues with it working properly. Even with due diligence, a plugin could be mis-represented in any aspect. So the number one benefit for this web designer is to have expectations that we get timely support should it not function or integrate with the web site.

As a web designers and developers we build and manage many word press web sites and have to look at plugins frequently to determine if it is a fit for a client’s site.

We look for a number of factors to make a determination whether to install and many times have to select and configure a number of plugins to see if it is the right fit.

Unfortunately, many plugins do not have a conscientious developer who updates the plugin regularly, many plugins do not perform as the details indicate or once a plugin is purchased, the support is poor to non-existent resulting in a waste of money or time because the plugin is rendered useless.

With that said there are a number of plugins that provide superb support or are designed to work exactly as promised.

One plugin that gets our thumbs up is the wp photo seller. Recently we needed to locate a plugin for a client who sold stock photos online and we were seeking a lightweight plugin that would display and sell photos for their stock photography business.

Research was done to locate this functionality. Trial and error until we discovered the plugin that appeared to have most of the functions needed. Once the decision was made we purchased the plugin and installed. There were some hiccups with integration but each and every time the developer of the wp photo seller plug provided timely and conscientious support.

This developer went beyond what was expected to make sure it functioned properly, even when it was an oversight on the user side. This was a rare and delightful experience. We did not have to wait to see when and if we would get assistance with our problem and most often we received help within hours. For me as a designer, I give this plugin one hundred stars.

On a sadder note, we purchased a plugin for a client who wanted a simple but attractive slider on their home page web site. Again we researched and settled on a plugin that had the functions we were looking for. Unfortunately from day one, the plugin was crashing and not working as promised. We reached out for support and did not hear back for over a week, and were disappointed when they did not answer the questions asked or they just emailed back with an obvious not so clear understanding of the issue. Then again we had to wait another week for an answer that did not address the problem.

It becomes a nightmare when you have to wait for a plugin to work on your site resulting in delaying the completion of a web site.

So not all plugins are created equal. The moral to this article is to be diligent, understand the pitfalls of these small plugin programs, and if you do not know what you are doing, get with one of our San Diego based web designers who have experience, understanding and who has reviewed thousands of wordpress plugins. They will help keep your frustration at a minimum as well as to help you spend your money wisely.