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What is your process of online payments for web development services?

Based in San Diego, California, our company builds and maintains web sites worldwide.

The process of building a web site.

First we review with a client what they need accomplished. Whether is it a new web site or an update of a current web site for example, we will provide a time and cost estimate detailing everything that needs to be done. This assures the client that we understand the project and that they have all details of the project step by step.

Once the T&C is approved by the client, the project is scheduled and we will get to work.

Most basic web projects take no longer than two weeks. Depends on what needs to be done. Most projects, even a new standard web site on WordPress can be up and running within a week.

If hosting is needed, we will set up the server, install the CMS, in this case WordPress generally within a day.

When hosting is set up and WordPress configured, the process of building the look and feel of the site can begin. This is generally tames the most amount of time,  designing the template to the specifications of the business model. Some of the beginning key components will be the logo, colors and the navigation of your web site.

When the template is approved, the content can be added to each page of the new web site. Clients will have access at this time to content themselves if they prefer.

We offer phone consultation on changes or assistance to work on your site .

When all is completed and approved, the payment for services can be paid for online with our payment processors or via check.

The clients that are considering selling online, ask for suggestions.

Since there are a number of online payment processors for payments from your web site, we currently use e paypal and 2co. Since there are so many, we suggest you research companies or services taking online payments. There are a number of them available, offering different services for high and low risk clients. Do your research to determine who fill fit your needs. Check out the reputation of the company before you decide.

We do NOT set up the payment process other than integrating into the web site. We DO provide consultation about options to look for based on the web platform you are using.

Our office receives a number of payment processors advertising their online payment processing services such as  TBF Finance service, with web payment system  who advertises that their clients can accept eCommerce online payments for credit cards and other popular electronic payment systems. It is our suggestion that if you are considering selling on your web site, look into the payment processors carefully and pick the one that suits your business model and has good reviews. with web payment system

If you have any questions on web site needs, please contact us to discuss and help you look into the options of online payment processing.

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